Tuesday, 18 January 2011

City Runner

I started to jog yesterday...after.........a whole year!!!

I met my friend at a "running station" (now there are many running stations around the imperial garden which offer services for runners such as locker room, shower room, and such)

It is too cold to run...especially for me, and also because it was a first run this year, so I decided to get a complete look for running to keep my motivation high........
My style, is to start with looks, in everything  ;)     and it was big sale! lucky me!
so here's a very fuzzy pic of my first complete look for running.
black light fleece zip-up hoodie, pink short pant, black and pink-red three-quarter length tight, and silver-pink-red shoes!

the apparel for sports is very interesting! I kept finding many functions on mine even after I started running! like a small pocket for coins, a tiny hole in the zip-up fleece for thumbnail, and another hole on the hoodie to let my ponytail out! and maybe many more!

oh.....!!! there were a lot of cute outfits for running!!! what I want next is...this

full length dot tights from c3fit.
it looks just cute, but actually it is so professional. The material is so thin, but gives legs very strong pressure so that the legs will feel less tiredness. 

I feel like I'll be very into the apparel of running....although it is a little scary to use too much money on it, on top of the normal shopping, which I have cut back on....

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