Thursday, 27 January 2011

something you need, TO BELIEVE... "Blog of Ines Ligron"

When you need some info or some lead, you need to have some grounds to believe it. or it is very tough to believe...  A fortune teller who is friend of my mom told me "if you doubt what the fortune teller says, it never has power. If you have somebody you can trust personally, it is much easier for you to believe what he/she tells you" and as "The Secret" says, when you can BELIEVE truly, it will come true.


it is totally the same with beauty tips.

Last weekend, I bought the book "The Secret", and I was so motivated.......till last night.
Even in Japan many celebrities list it as one of their favorite books.
I like the idea, very much. or I should say it is what I naturally do, almost. (I'm so good at imaginating my great future, and almost believe I can be so. sometimes many people laugh at me, though)

but yesteday motivation...stopped.
and I fell down to the ground! suddenly...from my heavenly great future to the ground... It was tough...every little bad thing came into my eyes, and I was totally exhausted with everything...(sorry to my D.....)

today, I tried to think why...and found one of the reasons...

Yes, I was very motivated. I was searching for tips to be BEAUTIFUL. tried to find best hair salon for me, tried to know how to make my skin better, tried to decide what should I do first,and such. Anyway, so I tried to find some lead ... but what I could find was much infomation from many blogs which I can have no idea who is writing, where is the source, if those really work..............?   Any info which i can't count on have no weight... and I just became exhausted by continuously trudging through the trash...

but today, very luckly, I found a very good one.
a blog of Ines Ligron. A famous woman who is known as the International Director of Miss Universe Japan.

Did you know how your hair can look beautiful???
"Going few a days witout washing hair adds sexy texture that makes for easier styling" (←i already knew it, but.....) "to keep strands from looking oily, Bishop suggests sprinkling dry shampoo near the scalp and tousling with your fingers"

WOW!!! what a great tip!!! there is more!!!
check more TRUSTABLE tips here!!! and stay BEAUTIFUL.

oh, i really like her thought "No Ordinary"!!!!! (Be Spectacular)

I want to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!! cute and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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